Benefits of Link Tracking for SEO Reports in 2023

5 Minutes Read | Published: 16 Jan 2023
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While Link Building is no more a novel concept, people still don’t know much about Link Tracking. Websites today are acutely aware importance of backlinks in SEO, but are still often ignorant about Backlink Monitoring. However, thanks to GA4 websites can compile their SEO reports more easily than ever. 

While Link building is still the most crucial element to ranking up the SERPs, going all in on link building isn’t a long-term solution.

Why Link Building isn’t enough for SEO Reports

Even today, most websites are focused on getting more links to get up the SERPs. However, this is an outdated strategy, and since the recent Link Spam update, acquiring too many links puts you more at risk of going down than up the SERPs. 

Websites going all in on acquiring links often assume that every link helps. And they even reflect the same in their projections and SEO reports. But this isn’t the case. Also, some websites think that over time an acquired toxic link can be remedied by getting better links. 

But by neglecting the previous links bringing a website down, the performance of new links is also affected. In other words, SEO reports for these websites will eventually find their DA limited in growth. Moreover, as time passes, the acquired links also start depreciating. 

Aptly termed as Link Rot, even the most valuable of backlinks suffer from it. This means that even a backlink that puts you on top of SERPs will eventually lose every ounce of its value. 

But more often than not, links break or start redirecting even before they rot. This means that if a website has a thousand backlinks, only half of them are likely to be present or fully working next. In other words, your SEO report will be riddled with inaccuracies without your team tracking every single link.

How Link tracking can be essential for SEO Reports

Luckily all these problems will disappear with the right backlink monitoring tool like Link Wiki. The perfect backlink tracking tool will keep you aware of how each of your backlinks is functioning. This allows you to stay updated in your SEO reports, and be much more proactive. 

  1. Learn more about your backlinks

    You will be able to learn which backlinks are helping your website’s SEO. Similarly, with the ability to know which backlinks are harming your SERP visibility, you can take appropriate countermeasures to keep your website safe.

    A backlink management tool will also let you analyze your acquired backlinks and inform you of their status. So, you’ll be able to know the authority of the websites that have linked with you as well as see if they are specific to your niche or not. 
  2. Check if acquired links are indexed

    Moreover, a backlink tracking tool will let you know if your acquired backlinks are being indexed by Google or not. Of course, the backlinks that are indexed are the only ones you need to go for.

    With more indexed backlinks leading to your website, your website is bound to go up the SERPs. Also, with these backlinks, your SEO report will present a clearer image of your backlink profile. 
  3. Check Link Stats

    Finally, with a backlink tracking tool, you will be able to check out the relevant stats for your backlinks. While different tools offer different stats, with Link Wiki, users can:
    1. Check Domain Authority: How vast and trusted the referring domain is.
    2. Check Spam Score: The probability of their backlink being spammy.
    3. Find ways to strengthen the website’s backlinks via anchor text and URL text

Moreover, as Link Wiki also continually analyzes the added links, any changes can be observed by SEOs and then included in their reports too.

Moving Forward

It is imperative to have accurate SEO reports, especially when Google is coming up with updates that can affect rankings multiple times a year. Thus, link tracking is slowly becoming almost as important as link building to ensure that marketers stay ahead in their reports and consequently in their strategies too. 

Moreover, Link Tracking isn’t too expensive either and with Link Wiki offering a free trial without strings attached, backlink monitoring should definitely be checked at least once.