How we do backlink tracking & anchor text monitoring in real-time

5 Minutes Read | Published: Jan 20 2023
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In the circles of SEO, link building is no more a novel concept. However, while the core objective behind link building has remained more or less the same, backlink tracking is slowly becoming a necessity for ranking websites. 

Obstacles to Backlink Tracking 

However, with Google constantly updating its policies regarding SEO and rankings, websites need to make sure that they don’t provide the search engine with a reason to drop rankings. Moreover, backlink tracking isn’t an easy feat, especially for first-timers. Another problem is that most backlink monitoring tools don’t analyze anchor texts. 

Also, earned backlinks are almost seen as an achievement until they start rotting or even become toxic. Rather than take the time to remove these backlinks, websites then start focusing on getting more new links to counter the issues. However, over time the cycle starts repeating. 

Backlink monitoring is also an issue. A website with hundreds or even thousands of backlinks does not have the time to consistently check each of them. Another point of concern is with a plethora of links, there can be a high probability of more toxic links too.

This could mean that getting more backlinks might actually do more harm than good for the website. In the worst-case scenario, the website gets de-indexed, which is a literal nightmare.

Getting Backlinks has become quite easy nowadays, but there is a major impact of getting quality do-follow backlinks. Even SEOs don’t have the time to manually check each and every backlink to note the rel attribute anymore.

So, even when the websites are maintaining a sheet on the amount and URLs of backlinks earned, checking the anchor text on each of the backlinks only adds to the draining duration. 

However, even with these obstacles in sight, websites aspiring to rank high need to be proactive when it comes to backlinks and anchor text monitoring.

Adapting to a more proactive approach

Unfortunately even the most well-known SEO tools don’t specifically help a lot with backlink tracking. This means that even when one might have access to a renowned tool, they might still have little to no information about their actual backlink profile and earned links.

Active link building websites need to stay ahead of their activities and record as soon as they get a backlink. Similarly, these websites also need to make sure that the stats of their earned links are kept in check. Getting backlinks has also become a bit different in 2023.

While this is often easier done for smaller websites or newer websites, larger websites find it difficult to even automate these processes. 

But here is where Link Wiki comes in. 

Enter Link Wiki

Link Wiki is a single AI tool that not only functions as a backlink monitor but also aids with anchor text monitoring. This means that a user of Link Wiki can keep a record of all the earned links under a single platform. 

Also with the analysis of earned links, keeping track of the referring domains becomes a breeze. In other words, the website can stay updated about its backlink profile. 

Tracking Backlinks With Link Wiki

Normally, if you have multiple websites for link building, you might also need different sheets to maintain the data. Even specialized SEO tools for backlink tracking might restrict you to monitoring just one website per account.

However, Link Wiki is quite different from other backlinks monitoring products available. With Link Wiki, you can track links for multiple domains and keep them segregated too. Even before entering the backlink or anchor text, we ask for the domain or destination URL. 

The entered domain functions as the project domain as well. This means that any backlink added under the project/domain is readily viewable along with multiple stats. Link Wiki instantly analyzes the live URL  entered for the domain. At the same time, Link Wiki also ensures that the anchor text matches with the provided anchor text (which is the preferable 

Anchor Text Analysis

Link Wiki’s AI algorithm allows it to fetch the correct anchor text every time. Even if the entered URL contains a different page from your domain, Link Wiki will let you know about it too. Moreover, it will also highlight which anchor text is currently present on your backlink.

Stats for everything

Link Wiki keeps updated stats for your projects and acquired links. You can check the stats for your project by simply opening the project from either the dashboard or the projects menu. Here, you can see the complete number of checked links.

Of these links, the user can observe which links are redirecting, broken, blocked, or even suffering from a down server. These link stats are consistently updated every 15 days so your data is never outdated.


Link Wiki’s trial is free and does not require any payment. Moreover, even after the trial period ends, the users have the option to see how many links they have tracked. This makes Link Wiki the best portal for efficient link tracking and anchor text monitoring. If you would like to check out Link Wiki start your free trial here