Do-Follow are Links that pass authority from one website to another. These backlinks have no defined Rel attribute and demonstrate to Google that they trust the destination website. Typically these types of backlinks are found on blogs.

No-Follow Backlinks are the ones that have the rel attribute of “No-Follow”. While these backlinks can help you get traffic, they do not pass link juice or authority. Some examples of No-Follow include backlinks from social media websites like Facebook, Instagram. Youtube backlinks are also no-follow along with some of the major forum websites.

You should always stay away from websites that have a bad reputation according to Google. Any backlink from these websites is considered toxic as it can hurt your ranking on the SERPs. The reason why these websites have a bad reputation is often due to them being linked to Black Hat SEO tactics.

Link Juice is the defining factor for your ranking on the SERPs. When Do-Follow Links provide you Link Juice it indicates to Google that your backlinks trust you and thus they pass authority to you. This in turn increases your website’s authority raising your rank on Google.